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Good Stuff

Opera, the fastest and most secure web browser

Why I Use Opera. See also:

Other Opera Links

Palm Opera Mini Icon Patcher

The currently available Palm version of Opera Mini does not come with any icons and simply shows an ugly green/blue cube-y sort of thing. Opera without it's bright red O? No way! I had to find a way to get Opera Mini looking good on my Palm. My app gives Opera Mini large and small 256-colour icons. There are no black-and-white or greyscale icons, so only run my app on colour devices. Delete my app when its done its job.

OperaMiniPatcher.zip (2726) Palm Opera Mini icon patcher

My Setup

I've got a page describing the way I've currently got the Opera UI set up.


Here is the section where you can browse panels I've developed for the Opera sidebar.

User Javascript

This is my collection of scripts for Opera's User Javascript feature.


In response to the frequently asked questions regarding Opera's compatibility with the web in general, I've written a bit on the subject.

Faking Browser IDs

Sometimes, Opera's "Identify as ..." just isn't enough. Faking Browser IDs brings out the heavy artillery to let you into that pesky web site!

Bugs and Other Issues

This is a page where I list bugs and other issues I've noticed in Opera. Mostly CSS things so far.


Google Gmail

While Opera 7 had some trouble with Gmail, Opera 8 is just fine! My Opera Gmail page covers my investigation into Opera 7's problems with Gmail.

NAB Internet Banking

NAB IB - Problems with the Internet Banking facility of the National Australia Bank. It can be done!

Formatted Email Composition

Opera does not support formatted email composition. I think it should, and I have stated my case for it on this page.


I like and prefer Opera, but I've also got a few things to say about Firefox!