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2013-02-11 : NexStar 4 controller opened up

11:00:00+0800 : Updated description of J2/mount connector.

2010-10-28 : Announcement - Sudoku on Android

11:40:00+0800 : I have an HTC Desire Z on order and when it turns up, I intend to port my Sudoku across.

2010-03-16 : Updated Sudoku (v1.32)

20:55:00+0800 : Fix undeserved 'bad pencilmarks' error when asking for a hint.

2009-07-24 : PIC GPS/NTP Server

21:00:00+0800 : Updated source code with new PPS sync code.

2009-06-15 : PIC GPS/NTP Server

18:00:00+0800 : Added downloadable schematic, PCB Gerbers, and source code.

2009-06-15 : Updated Sudoku (v1.31)

12:05:00+0800 : Improved hint and solver user interface. Added 'C' fast digit which toggles all pencilmarks on/off.

2009-01-10 : Sudoku Development Status Update

18:30:00+0900 : I can now compile Sudoku, and have restored some of the lost features. The way is now open for a couple of new features...

2008-12-15 : Opera User Javascript

00:55:00+0800 : Updated alt2title.js to work in latest Operas.

2008-12-11 : Sudoku Development Status Update

22:15:00+0900 : Due to various circumstances, development of Sudoku has been put back and slowed significantly. It has not stopped, and should be updated in the first half of next year.

2008-12-11 : Opera User Javascript

21:00:00+0900 : Updated status of scripts.

2008-06-29 : Opera User Javascript

00:55:00+0800 : Added qnap-downloadfix.js (v1.0) to fix the QNAP Qdownload application.

2008-03-05 : Web Site Newsfeeds

20:25:00+0800 : Due to an apparent surge in newsfeed requests, I've been forced to merge my feeds into one to simplify and hopefully lower the server load at my ISP. If you had subscribed to any sub-pages/section, then I'm sorry - you're now getting the whole lot!

2008-02-18 : PIC GPS/NTP Server

00:10:00+0800 : Updated for the new pulse-per-second support.

2008-01-18 : Added Sudoku Game Database Description

20:55:00+0800 : No changes to the game, just some technical documentation on the internal database format.

2008-01-12 : Web Site Statistics

11:50:00+0800 : Updated rendering engine stats for December.

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