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Andrew Gregory's Web Pages

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Web Site Design

This section of my web site relates to web site design, particularly how I've gone about doing my web site.


A description of the simple drop-down menus I use. Lots of links to fancier menu systems.

Explorer Tree

Build expandable trees from regular unordered lists.

Anti-Spam Email Links

A way to incorporate clickable email links on your web pages, but not making it easy for spammers to figure out your address. Easy to use, and even allows people with Javascript disabled to figure out your address.

Message Image

A Perl CGI script to dynamically generate an image of a text string.

User Agent CSS

A Perl script to send different CSS properties to different browsers.

Improved PNG Behavior

My version of Erik Arvidsson's PNG Behavior, improved by getting rid of the GIF file, allowing the images to print, and fixing some Javascript bugs.

Cross-Browser XMLHttpRequest

A cross-browser implementation of the Gecko XMLHttpRequest object. Allows web pages to use the same interface with Internet Explorer, Gecko (Mozilla/Firefox), and Opera (some caveats in the Opera support).


A short discussion of Internet Explorer, and some techniques web masters can use to work around its shortcomings.

My Web Site

Where I discuss various aspects of my web site.


Where I summarize the montly visits to my web site by browser rendering engine.