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Andrew Gregory's Web Pages

Guilderton Lighthouse 30°20'24"S 115°29'31"E


Psion Plc. My Psion Pages

Programmer's Toolbox

This library of OPL procedures is what I use to develop software on the SIBO series of computers. It provides a complete event-driven framework for you to develop your applications around. It's big feature is asynchronous menus and dialog boxes - your application can do serial comms, play WVE files or other background processing while the user is simultaneously working with menus, dialog boxes and help windows. There are too many features to list here - see its main page for full information.

My Programs

Some programs I have written for my Psion.

Astronomical Calculations

I have a casual interest in astronomy and this page has some calculations and algorithms related to this field.

Other Sites

Developments in the SIBO Programming Scene

While I don't actively search out news and developments, anything interesting I do hear I'll list below:

What Is SIBO?

What's On My Psion?