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What's On My netBook?

My first EPOC machine was an Ericsson MC218. I bought that in January 2000. I acquired a netBook in March 2003 and moved all my programs and stuff across to it. Actually, it's a "MalayBook" and I got it while they were selling for about USD$258! What a deal! :-)

If you run ExtraBars on your netBook, you might have noticed that it's very grey! With some help, you can colourize it:

The list below does not include the programs I have written.

Programs installed on my netBook
Name Version Status
abp 5.22 Freeware
AlarmPlus 1.45 Freeware
Bombz5 1.00 Commercial
CapsView 1.00 Freeware
Converti 5.05 Freeware
Patch ExtraBars for colour!
1.03 Freeware
EBook for EPOC 2.3 Freeware
EPlayM 1.12 Freeware
ExtraBars 1.20 Shareware
FlWorld 4.32 Charityware
FrotzS5 1.7 Freeware
GarmEdit 2.07 Freeware
HexEditor 1.01 Freeware
Macro5 2.40 Freeware
nOPLPlus 1.20 Shareware
Opera 5.00 Adware
Othello 2.00 Shareware
PdbRead 1.02 Freeware
PDF reader 1.03 Freeware
Plan5 5.90 Shareware
Pocket Chess 1.01 Freeware
0.3 Freeware
PsiGar 2.21 Shareware
Q-Calc 2.21 Shareware
RealMaps 5.10 Shareware
RMRBank 3.10 Shareware
RMRGolf 2.20 Shareware
RMRMontana 2.20 Shareware
RMRNews 1.02 Shareware
RMRSol 2.20 Shareware
RMRZip 2.02 Shareware
SafePlace 1.10 Freeware
(original version)
1.20 Freeware
(modified for colour for the
Series 7, netBook, and Windows
emulator by Max Westen)
1.23 Freeware
Solun 5.20 Charityware
StopWatch 2.1a Freeware
TacTile 1.00 Commercial
ThesLink 3.01 Freeware
XTM 3.05 Shareware
zExe 1.07 Freeware

The following were on my MC218, but for one reason or another haven't been transferred to my netBook.

Programs installed on my MC218
Name Version Status
Golf 1.00 Commercial
NightKeys 2.00 Freeware
Scribble 2000 0.91 Freeware
Stigma5 1.00 Commercial
TomeRaider 2.09 Shareware