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I'd read on the Mozillazine forums where someone raved on about a Tetris extension for Mozilla/Firefox. After a quick search I realized there was nothing similar for Opera users.

Now, I know there are already many implementations of Tetris in Javascript. Did the world really need another one? Not really, but I wanted to write one. Especially one that would fit into my Opera panels.

Add Tetris to your Opera sidebar.

Notable features:

Note for Internet Explorer users.

Play Tetris right now:

Tetris Version History
  • Embedded the background image in the HTML file - everything's in the one HTML file now!
  • Removed the ability to move, rotate and drop the shape when paused.
  • Changed the Escape key to Tab as pressing Escape in 7.60 shifts the focus from the panel to the main page.
  • Fixed bug where pause-stop-start did not immediately reactivate the preview display after the pause.
  • Maximized drop animation speed.
  • Made keyboard event cancelling more reliable.
  • No functional changes.
  • Fixed bug where row clearing bonuses causing the score to jump over 100, and never equal 100, would not enable the bonus shapes.
  • Fixed bug where row clearing would occasionally leave floating bits behind.
  • Fixed control image. Doesn't block loading anymore!
  • Added numeric keypad support.
  • Added pause functionality.
  • Added row clearing bonus.
  • Saves high score in cookie
  • Improved keyboard support for Gecko browsers
  • Added keyboard support
  • Better Gecko compatibility (start/stop button now block instead of inline-block, replaced innerText with proper DOM)
  • Added shape counter display
  • Initial version