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Andrew Gregory's Web Pages

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My Digital Camera


See the insides of the Casio QV-3000.

My Hardware/Software Projects

My Decision

Why I decided on the Casio QV-3000.

My Research into JPEG vs TIFF

My comparison between fine quality JPEG and TIFF photos on the Casio QV-3000.

My Research into Resolution (Camera and Printing)

My research into resolution, along with some simple formulas to guide the selection of different resolutions for different circumstances.

Reviews of the QV-3000

Also reviews of the newer, but still very similar QV-3500:

QV3000 Specific Sites

General Digital Photography Sites

Here are some sites I found while doing my pre-purchase research and since then:



Technical Information

File Storage

The Photographic & Imaging Manufacturers Association has some technical documentation:

EXIF Related


The IrDA organisation has some documents on the IrTran-P protocol used by the camera's infra-red port. Note that IrTran-P is actually built on top of several layers: IrComm, LM-IAS/TinyTP, IrLMP, IrLAP, SerialIR. Documentation on these can be found at the IrDA web site on their Standards and Specifications pages.

Power Consumption

Someone measured the power consumption of the camera while powered via the external DC input. The table below shows the power consumption for various tasks. All figures are in mA.

QV-3000 Power Consumption
Rec Mode LCD On LCD Off
Focus/AE Lock554375
Movie rec.660n/a

Play Mode was a constant 380mA.